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Noble Institute for New Generation

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Largest Online Books Library for Students that helps to cover all the desciplines of education in life.

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Journal Publication

Research Journal allows scholars and students for easy thesis and paper publications online.

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Testing System

Online testing system can ease you to practice online for all types of tests, So you can get maximum marks in your exams.

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Video Lectures

Live video sessions / video lessons of thousands of tutors and courses from all major education institutes in Pakistan.


Our Aim is to Digitize Education in Pakistan

What is NING

National Institute for Nation’s Growth is a trade mark Institute in Pakistan that offers both students and teacher’s a platform for Research Thesis Publications, Digital Books Library, Online Classes Setup, Online Personality Assessment Tests and much more. These resources can help students as well as teacher’s for better achieving of their goals in life. Ning’s aim is to become “Pakistan’s Largest Student Portal”.

Our Awesome Team

Irfan Rashid

Founder & CEO

Asif Ghafoor

IT Engineer

Rana Imran

Social Analyst

Raheel Kanwal

Telecom Engineer

Haseeb Sharif

Marketing Manager

Mian Ijaz

Community Manager

Hamza Khalil

Sketch & Drawing Master

Hafiz Zia

Content Manager

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